After a longer experimental period - spanish music featuring Rosymar on vocals - we decided to return to our rock roots. Basti left towards Munich, Benny took over his place at the second guitar. And as it was such a great pleasure for Peter to take the mic back after 5 years, we will not search for a new singer. Current lineup: Peter (v/b), Sebastian (g), Benny (g), Tony (d).


She jammed with us since late august, and now we are very glad that she decided to stay: Steffi is our new lead vocalist! Our lineup is now complete again: Steffi (v), Sebastian (g), Sebastian (g), Peter (b), Tony (d)!!!


After some weeks of jamming together, we would like to give a warm welcome to Sebastian, who joins the band as our second guitarist!


Like a lot of other Bands in Bremen, we had to leave our rehearsal room at the old main post office. We found a new shelter at the Europahafen, about 500m away from our first rehearsal room. Yes, we are back! :-) Relocation of our basic stuff is nearly finished.


Barbara and Thomas decided to leave the band. Barbara took over the vocals at Atropine, Thomas now focuses on Barefaced. We really had a great time, and we wish them all the best!


Thomas' second band launched their own homepage: Barefaced hardpop.


The first four MP3s (The Right Door, I Never Beg You, Ikarus, and Finally Home) of our Buchte-gig are now ready for downloading: Songs section. Two more songs (Too Far and On A Dark Winter's Dawn) are already on the way!


Some more BUCHTE-photos, kindly provided by Anh from Admirabilis: Photos section. Thanx! :-)

In the Gigs section we also added the corresponding setlist.

There is also a new section for the Lyrics of our Songs, including currently the words for Too Far, Finally Home, and The Evil In Me.


Now, some photos from our Buchte-gig - made by Jennie (hi!) - can be found at the Photos section. Enjoy!


There will be a special WILD SIDE feature on TV, with excerpts from the Buchte-gig and live songs of all four bands: WILDSIDE on screen VOL. 4/06, 7.4.2006, 19:00, Bürgerrundfunk Bremen / Kabelkanal 11.


At our Buchte-gig two weeks ago, we really, really had a lot of fun! Here is a first impression. Snug location, nice audience, cool bands - we all felt very comfortable about playing on stage! And we want more - the sooner, the better... :-)))

We would like to express our gratitude to our families and friends, especially Jenny, Manuel, Mathias, and Michael for their help. Additional thanks to the other bands, in particular to Mike (Admirabilis), Nico (Turned To Stone), Säbel and Todde (both Stand Or Fall) for letting us use their equipment, and - last, but not least - Holger for the invitation! Hope to see all of you very soon.


Finally, we added some photos from our 2004 OIBIBIO gig to the Photos section.


Turned To Stone invited us to play with them at JugendHaus BUCHTE (Buchtstrasse 14/15 in Bremen) on March the 11th. Thank you very much!
Also there: Admirabilis and Stand Or Fall.


Thomas uses his Fender amp again for playing live. Guitar Rig is a great Software but for the real feeling he needs a real amp.


The band of our former bassist Holger "Turned To Stone" has launched its home page:


Distant Thunder wishes you a happy new year!


Our new PC has arrived yesterday. Furthermore, Holger from "Turned To Stone" has visited us, a brought along a very big round of mulled wine. A very nice practice session. A big "Thank you" to Holger!


Thomas new guitar amp arrived. An Apple IBook with Guitar Rig on it (seems to be too modern for a rock band like us, but we'll give it a try). Really cool.


"Limited Infinity" (the band of our former bassist Holger) are history. Now they call themselves "Turned To Stone". We wish you big success in digging for cool songs within the sediments and in rocking like dinosaurs. ;-)


Yesterday, our recording PC fucked up totally (says nothing anymore). Ok, it is now seven years old. With the beginning of December, we get a new one and then, hopefully, we can start recording our new CD.


Working on new songs, working on new songs, still working. Furthermore, we are planning a new small party in our rehearsal room together with "Limited Infinity" (last name we know of this Band)


Yesterday the whole band has worked hard on a great new song. It is a gothic style song without keys and some grungy influences. It is difficult to describe because you cannot hear it, yet.


Sebastian and Thomas have started to write new songs.


Because of problems with the hardware, we decided to cancel our demo recordings. We concentrate now in developing new songs.


Today we were a little bit tired, and so we decided to record tomorrow, really!


Ok, tape is not so good at all (and we only have borrowed the tape deck from Sebastian's wife - thanx!). Next week we will try a MD player. Stay tuned!


Our web page is online (as you see)!

We are starting to record or new EP today! Stay on!

Fucking computer technology! Now we will record on plain old tape.


We begin to plan to record a new demo EP with three songs


Our new web page will be finished sooner!


Very, very cool party with four Metal bands, great live music and much beer! Thanks to everybody who was there!


Timo's and Tony's birthday party! Friday, September 23rd 2005, at our rehearsal room!


Our new homepage will be finished soon! Stay on!


Tony got his new drum kit! Very cool! Rock on!