Too Far From The One

(Words: Sebastian)

Left this town, this land, this world,
left the place I've known,
left the people I loved most,
and left my love alone.

Broke the borders, crossed the lines,
a way t'wards feeling free,
cut every link between the lives
that had no place for me.

Gruelling distance - hollowness.
Pride, freedom - meaningless.
Too far from the one I love.

Pushed too far by pride and greed,
reached the frontiers of this world,
but every goal leads to another,
leaves my inside dead and cold.

Anger grows and grows much faster,
no satisfaction wins,
fills and eats the emptiness -
I suffer for my sins.

And in every dreadful night
your face is always there,
the space behind my crusted eyes
is filled with only fear

to take no look into your face
for endless times no more,
'cause deep inside my wicked mind
my worst temptations soar.

Finally Home

(Words: Sebastian)

She always wanted to decide
for herself when time is right
for her to leave, - unnoticed shift -
a life that's burden, no longer gift.

Her beloved life, so full of pleasure,
for many years seemed like a treasure.
But since some time pain every breath,
this body now a cage of flesh.

All memories of family, friends,
light-hearted days, and helping hands,
are now just past and out of reach;
mist's coming up, covering each.

Sees no alternatives, peace feels so near,
makes the decision, her choice is clear:
the time is now, sleeping, no fight,
eternity right by her side.

Opens her eyes, drops one silver tear,
smiles sorrowful, but without fear.
Presses my hand, looks up at me,
takes a deep breath and she... finally home.

The Evil In Me

(Words: Thomas)

Fighting hart, win for me,
hard to be, it's the evil in me
Break my heart, let me be,
I am free, as you see

Long time ago, when I was young, I felt free
Free of hate, to love the world, without fear
Live seems to be full of dreams and full of wishes
Now, this time is gone, unreachable

Today, our live, it is defined by money and might
We have no respect, to no one else, only me
Have to fight, for ourselves, no one else
No more dreams, all our wishes died

We chameleon

(Words: Holger)

Daytime job - masked ball,
wear a face that's not your own,
hide in the sun with your eyes closed,
pretend to understand.

Your personal insanity
will strike you down
sometime - somewhere
somewhen - right now?

But we - chameleon
change our shape
and see - chameleon
illusions are reality.
It's true - chameleon
we hide in fear
oh no! - chameleon
until we die.

Live your mask and mask your life.
Do you know your inner soul?
What do you see when
you look into the mirror?

Two staring eyes, so blind
they can not see the light.
It doesn't matter anyway
since there's no truth.

Prisoned by your very soul
your body cannot leave,
no escape and no release
from this vanity fair.

Drop your mask and show your face,
true beauty is in your heart.

Wings of Wrath

(Words: Holger)

In the old days, when Feanor and his sons hunted the one whose name is
not used any more to retrieve the mighty stones, many thousands of our
people lived in fear. Orcs and worse came upon the land and raided
the earth. But we had mighty friends far in the skies...

Wings of Wrath - when the thunder strikes you down,
Wings of Wrath - when the lightning cracks the sky,
I'll be watching over you.

Rising up, we love to fly and
in the skies we live and laugh.
Gliding through the open heavens
we observe the earth below.
Brothers, have you seen the hordes of
creatures running on the ground?
These blackguards - to me they look
as if they are up to no good.

Marching straight from north to south
they're chasing after elves and men.
Burned fields and ruined lands lie
where they just passed through.
Quick my squadron, wing to wing,
we're born to help the helpless ones.
Dive to aid the threatened people
struggling for their lives.

Going down, cry in anger!
Fear - this word we do not know.
Orcs in panic, men they sing
Thorondor, Thorondor
Up again we live to fly and
watch the earth 'til doomsday's come.
Mankind lives in peace again -
Morgoth is overcome.

Thorondor, mighty eagle in the skies
bring us fortune, lead us home
through the darkness of the night.
Reign of fear will have it's end,
the eldars are comming home,
forever home.