About us

Who we are

Vocals and Bass: Peter
Vocals and Guitars: Sebastian
Drums: Tony

Former Members

Vocals: Barbara
Guitars: Benjamin
Guitars: Dennis
Bass: Holger
Vocals: Rosymar
Guitars: Sebastian
Vocals: Steffi
Guitars: Thomas

Short Overview

As stated in our band history, we started as a cover band. Our set contained classical hardrock and heavy metal numbers like "Smoke on the Water" or "Breakin' the Law". We all had much fun playing these great songs and we have (hopefully) learned from them, but we also wanted to put into practice our own ideas of music - so we started to write our own songs.

Our first demo CD contains our first five songs. This CD is mostly influenced by hard rock, alternative and punk styles. We all have a different musical background and so our music is a mix of all of these styles.

With the change to our new lead singer Barbara and the introduction of Peter as the keyboarder, we changed our style in a more melancholic way.

Because Holger left our band in order to join "Limited Infinity" (now "Turned To Stone", see the friends section), our style has changed again. Our music got more rough and the sound is more of a modern style now.

We had to look for a new bass player and found one that we never thought about before: Peter changed from keys to bass and we are really happy with this solution. Once again we made a giant leap forward.

You can listen to our new music: have a look into the MP3 section for some of our rehearsal recordings.