Band History


In the end of the year 2001, Tony and Holger started to form the band Thorondor. Julia, Peter and Sebastian were completing the band in late 2001. Unfortunately, Julia left us after a few months and Peter switched from guitar to mic. Mario completed the line up as guitarist. Furthermore, we changed the band name to Distant Thunder.


In the beginning of 2002 we composed our first song "Hail To The King", which can be found on our demo CD.

In spring 2002, Mario left the band in order to join a Rock'n'Roll Cover band, so we had to search for a new guitarist. Holger met Thomas, who joined us in the summer of 2002. At this time, we mostly played cover songs of traditional rock and heavy metal music. It was then, when we started with gigging. Because we had begun to write a couple of songs on our own, we decided to drop most of the covers.


In the autumn of 2003, we recorded our first demo "Distant Thunder", which was released around christmas 2003.


In 2004, our lineup changed again. Because of problems with his voice, Peter decided to switch from vocals to keyboard. At that time, in spring 2004, Barbara joined the band as the new singer.


In the summer of 2005, our lineup changed again. That's why we had no chance to play that year and our second CD is still work in progress. Our bassist Holger left us in order to play in a new progressive metal band called Turned To Stone (formerly known as Limited Infinity). Our former keyboarder Peter now plays the bass.


In march, we did a nice gig together with Turned To Stone, Admirabilis, and Stand Or Fall at JugendHaus BUCHTE in Bremen.